How can clubs, athletes, federations and businesses use technology in order to grow and generate revenues? In almost 20 years we came across all scenarios one may imagine. We create ideas and implement them.

We are at the forefront of technology and live and breathe sports. From a local club to an international organisation, we have worked with them and we want to share with you what we have learned.


Big Data for sports

Use your existing data (= facts) for decision making AND create content automatically for your fans and sponsors.

Analyse your data, correlate it with external data if meaningful and create new digital assets for your platforms.

Visualise your data and discover new insights of your business and create added value from this asset.


Content Creation

We have identified the following tools as efficient and affordable which can make an impact on your technical strategy:

A cool way to automatically serve your online community with the latest stats or to provide information to your membership.

Automatically generated content:
Data analysis and scraping and web crawling is still new in sports and we can show you how it can serve you.

Game result prediction:
We use existing data and proven mathematical algorithms. As a result, you can interact with fans and betting platforms.

Microfinancing: Marketing Campaign Online:
Our platform will enable you and your membership (clubs and leagues) to generate revenue without heavy investment.